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Digital Marketing Trends 2021 Post Covid individual

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  • Digital Marketing Trends 2021 Post Covid
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Digital Marketing Trends 2021 Post Covid

Online channels now play a crucial role, as people continue to self-isolate and spend relatively more time online. For example, in Italy, once the government introduced a nationwide lockdown in mid-March, online traffic spiked by 30%. Marketing has been quite the shapeshifter over the last two years. Martech Cube takes you through some poignant Digital Marketing Trends 2021 Post Covid in the post-pandemic world.

In these sensitive times and post-COVID 19, what are the trends that marketers should consider in digital marketing as they strive to communicate appropriately with consumers? Almost 90% of businesses are reconsidering and reviewing their marketing budgets. Here we have listed top trends that can drive digital marketing post-COVID-19 pandemic,

Mobile optimization - Regardless of the economic downturn, retail jumped 34%, and large enterprises such as Amazon are hiring more employees in order to keep up. A site that takes just one second longer to load can have conversions decreased by 7%, while sub-second load times boost conversion by 15% to 30%.

Micro-influencers are leading campaigns - Customers refer to the experiences of their peers. In addition, the majority of players in the marketing segment hardly have the budget to engage with celebrity influencers. Thus, there is a shift to do subtle marketing on social media via micro-influencers or focused group influencers.

Using the social media platform - The flavor of the season keeps changing and companies need to consistently evaluate which is the ideal platform they need to be wary of which channel to utilize for which audience and at what time. In present times, staying topical with your campaigns is also striking as it promptly captures the attention of the audience and also builds a more natural consumer engagement opportunity for the brand.

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