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5 free online checkers games that are worth your time individual

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A quick Google search for free online checkers game brings you tons of results, but you’ll find out that most of them are not worth your time. They will only bombard you with ads, coupled with the low-quality of games or lacking important features.

If you’re reading this article, you are probably searching for good free online checkers games, and you’re in luck. I love checkers and always play it online. So, I’ll suggest the websites from which I play these great online checkers games.

Not only is this roundup based on my personal preferences, I’ve also discovered other gems from user reviews and further research into these games. Sit tight and read this post to the end to find out five of the best online checkers games that you can play right away for free.

Where can I play free online checkers games?

1. 247 Checkers

Unlike the other online checkers games on this list,247checkers.comis a website dedicated to the online checkers games. What this means is that on visiting the site, you are immediately greeted by the game screen.

Apart from 247 Checkers, the website is also home to other seasonal online checkers games. These include – Spring Checkers, Summer Checkers, Halloween Checkers, and others named after seasons. On the same page, you have other games, such as Solitaire, Freecell, Mahjong, Sudoku, and other similar games.

When you’re set to play this online checkers game, hitPLAYto open a new webpage. First, you will have to select between 1 player or 2 players. Make s selection, and you will be taken to the final options screen before the game begins. Here, you will select thecolorof your pieces, enable/disableForce Jump, and hide or show your legal moves. When you finish here, click on Play to open up the checkers board and your game begins.

2. CardGames.io online Checkers games

The next online checkers game on our list is from cardgames.io. From the website’s name, you get the sense that you’ll find card games here, and you’re not wrong. However, this platform also has one of the best online checkers games you will find on the internet.

Visit this page to find the checkers game. You can also locate it on the home screen where checkers is featured. Select the game to get started. Cardgames.io online checkers game goes straight to the point and takes you directly to a new game screen on entering the game, and you’re already good to go.

Unlike 247 Checkers, you have many more options on this game. Click on the menu link and chooseOptionsto see these settings. Some of the in-game options you have include:

  • Preferred color.
  • Highlight moves.
  • Game speed.

The layout of this free online checkers game is beautiful, so good that I found myself losing way too many times.

3. FlyorDie Checkers

Flyordie.com is not purely an online checkers games website. This platform is home to loads of other games, such as 8-ball pool, chess, darts, and similar games.

On the home page, you will see all of these titles organized into the following categories – Favorites, Billiard Games, Board Games, Specialities, and Action Puzzles. The mobile version of the website doesn’t use the categories but highlights the most important games on the homepage.

To play the free online checkers game at FlyorDie, you can locate it under the appropriate section, which isboard games. Alternatively, you could simply follow this link. Click on it, and you will arrive at the online checkers game web page.

FlyorDie takes a more social approach to free online checkers games, so, before playing a session, you have to sign in to the platform. Fortunately, it also provides options for quickly signing in with your Facebook or Google accounts. If you wish to skip the sign-in altogether, hit thePlay as Guestbutton.

After a brief loading screen, you have to join a chat room next. From theSelect Roomscreen, there’s a list of the various available rooms and the number of users currently in them. Choose one with some users to find an opponent.

In your selected room, tap on a user available, and then hit theChallengebutton to play against them.

4. Math is Fun checkers

Mathisfun.com is not a gaming website like the others in this lineup, instead, it is a learning website that is focused on showing users exciting ways to learn mathematics. From the homepage, you will see math lessons categorized under Index, Data, Geometry, Numbers, Measurements, Games, etc. For this post, we will only concern ourselves with theGamescategory and its free online checkers games.

So, you click or tap onGames, but the online checkers game is not featured, and it’s tricky to find it. Here’s a direct link to the game. You don’t get to the checkers board yet because the platform makes you to select your color, board size, style, and disable/enable Multiple Jumps.

When you’re done with those settings, click the check to accept and continue to your game session. This is when you see the compact chess board, and you’re good to play it. One thing I didn’t like about this online checkers game is that it’s not full screen, so there’s possibility for distractions.

5. Game Table online checkers games

Game Table is similar to Fly or Die because they both take the same approach to their games – the free online checkers games included. They are game developers who love to offer you these free games to play online.

You will see their games listed on the home page, not in categories, but in order of their release. This makes it tough to find their online checker games. So, here’s a link to the game.


This list of the best free online checkers games is in no way conclusive. All I did was sieved the best from the best and resulted in the 5 recommendations here. I found these online checkers games to be excellent in graphics, game play, and user-experience. However, if you have any other online checker game website that you use, I want to know. Please tell me in the comment section below.

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